🇬🇧 PR8 – Well known acrobatic quartet will perform as well

One of the most crowd-pleasing performances at each airshow is the group acrobatics. It will not be missing from the program of this year’s 32nd Aviation Fair, taking place on the weekend of June 1st and 2nd, 2024 in Pardubice. Well known aerobatic group Flying Bulls Aerobatics Team, flying four Xtreme Air XA42 propeller driven aerobatic specials, will perform for the audience in the skies of Pardubice.

„These two-seaters are closely linked to the latest stage in the group’s history, and it is a rich history indeed. Its beginnings date back to 1960, when the first group, later known as the Chrudim quartet, was born at the Chrudim airport under the leadership of Jiří Tlustý, admired by spectators at air shows both in Czechoslovakia and abroad,“ says aviation publicist Petr Kolmann. „The times in the 1980s were not kind to group flying. Fortunately, the 1990s came and the group acquired Zlin Z-50LX aircraft and set up a precise performance with them, which was subsequently admired by audiences in many countries around the world. The group was based in Chrudim for a long time, so it was close to Pardubice, but the mutual connection between the group and the Aviation Fair was certainly not only due to a short distance between the airfields, but also thanks to friendly relations. In addition, the audience cannot imagine the Aviation Fair without this amazingly coordinated group. They are a regular star of the program and have only been absent three times in its history due to performing far abroad. The group has been based in Jaroměř for over two decades and in recent years has been flying the new Xtreme Air XA42 aerobatic specials. However, the term new is a bit misleading. While the machines literally look brand new, the fact is that this year marks exactly ten years since the Flying Bulls Aerobatics Team began flying them. And it comes without a question, the new machines had their public premiere at the Aviation Fair. In 2014, the group presented themselves in Pardubice with six airpalnes. On the one hand, four flew on Z-50LX airplanes, and the new duo Stanislav Čejka and Jan Rudzinskyj presented themselves on a pair of new machines. They still fly in the group, and the quartet is completed by Jan Tvrdík and Martin Špaček. The group regularly changes its line-up slightly and prepares something new for the audience every year, so I assume that we have something to look forward to this year as well,“ adds Petr Kolmann.

The Aviation Fair is a traditional all-day program for the whole family. On Saturday and Sunday, there is also a rich ground program with a number of performances and activities for both children and adults. The flight program itself will last over five hours.

More information about news from the upcoming program can be obtained at www.aviatickapout.cz