🇬🇧 PR16 – A Vietnam scene

For many years, large-scale scenes, popular with the audience, have been part of the Aviation Fair program. The program of this year’s Aviation Fair, taking place on the weekend of June 1 and 2, 2024 in Pardubice, will include the largest scene from the Vietnam War period. 

„From the audience feedback we know  that the large-scale scenes always impress and are a sought-after specialty of Aviation Fair. Of course, we tried not to break this tradition this year as well, even though the preparation and implementation are more complicated and expensive every year. Despite this, the military history clubs, under the leadership of Milan Vinš, managed to prepare the stage for this year’s unseen theme,“ says Jan Rudzinskyj from the organizing staff of the Aviation Fair. „It will be a scene from the last years of the Vietnam War, in which the American AH-1 Cobra attack helicopter will attack the positions of the Viet Cong, whose members will defend from ground positions. The AH-1 Cobra helicopter from Hradec Králové will be perform in the air. These helicopters were deployed in combat in Vietnam from 1967 until the end of the conflict in 1975. Members of the military history clubs in the ground units will of course perform in period gear and with authentic weapons. Acquiring period equipment of Vietnamese fighters is often a very difficult task and it is no wonder that only a minimum of military clubs deal with this period. We are therefore happy to see such a scene at this year’s Aviation Fair,“ adds Jan Rudzinskyj.

One of the traditional partners of the Aviation Fair is České dráhy, which for this year has prepared as a bonus the provision of a discount VLAK + Aviatická puť Pardubice. Pre-sale starts from May 15. This is a 25% discount on the return ticket price (i.e. from Pardubice). Stands with a QR code will be placed in the premises of the Aviation Fair. You can find them on the access roads, near the military and eastern gates and in the area near the static stand or the VIP entrance. Traveling by train is worth it.

Aviation Fair is a traditional all-day program for the whole family. On Saturday and Sunday, a rich ground program is also prepared with a number of presentations and activities for children and adults. The flight program itself will last over five hours. 

More information about news from the upcoming program can be obtained at www.aviatickapout.cz